April 7th Ritual

If you are familiar with my blog www.hiddeninthecrag.com, you know that tomorrow is a big day for a ritual. Before you go on with this post please read my blog here. In short, I can tell you that tomorrow is the Seal of Solomon’s Grimoire Ritual otherwise known as Chaos Magick. This is the ritual that Solomon allegedly used to loosen and bind the 70/72 demonic entities and it doesn’t happen very often.

With everything going on as far as this virus is concerned, this couldn’t have been better timing for these people. I believe this whole thing got kicked into motion when Malki sacrificed that blemished lamb in the name of the Sanhedrin on Mount Scopus or Mount of Judgement. By doing that, he allowed these demonic entities in the guise of AI to fulfill their role in this propaganda of fear for this coronavirus or crown venom or kings plague. This is all about the serpent Nachash’s return on the world stage through his mouthpiece, the Anitchrist.

So this is all connected to the kings plague: coronavirus/Covid-19. Call it what you want but don’t call it a genuine threat as far as a real virus goes. You cam go to hiddeninthecrag and see why I say this. Wait until THE bowls of wrath are poured out by a Holy Judge through His Angels. This is nothing more than a flu psyop and brainwashing to control the masses as Nimrod did in Babel. This spirit of fear is mentally and psychologically affecting people and this is just in time for April 7th, 2020 chaos magick ritual. The ritual of rituals is happening and there is no better time to pray like you’re in a war with these principalities and powers of the air.

I honestly didn’t think April 7th was gong to have a lot going on other than happening at the beginning of Passover. But wow was I wrong. The Edomite Jews have labeled this the biggest and most important Passover Seder in 3,332 years. Look at all those three’s. You cam figure out where that is gong. “The supermoon on Passover will be the fourth of the year and the largest, appearing when the moon is at a distance of 221,772 miles from the earth, the closest it will be all year.” It must just be coincidence that there is a 72 in there. Gotta love the numbers right?

And this year they are hoping to sacrifice a Passover lamb on the Temple Mount if the Hashemite King permits it. This will be another part of this blasphemy puzzle that started when Jupiter was birthed in this false sign of Revelation 12. This time around we have a Super Pink Moon in Virgo by itself as Jupiter and Saturn lie await in Sagittarius the Archer. Everything is lining up.

Now I mentioned that this is a Super Moon. Notice the ad Fox News is showing on their page, the Catholic Mystic Christ of the Passion. Now Native American Indians called it a Pink moon due to it being in April and represented Pink Moss that is bringing about new life. Pagans call it the Wind Moon due to the high winds representing the four corners of the earth. And it is ironic that these four winds in Revelation are occupied by four Angels.

Witches and Pagans alike revere this Super Pink Wind Moon to honor Ishtar and Cernunnus. Ironically their High Priestess takes a bowl of April rain water and holds it up to the Moon and “baptizes” initiates on the forehead ala Lent ashes on the forehead and draws either an Ankh or a Pentagram. Like I said before, non of this can ever just be coincidence and everything is falling into place.

Now back to the BIN article. “Seder has always been a time of ingathering,” Rabbi Berger noted. “Except for the first Passover held on the night before leaving Egypt. On that night, families huddled inside will the Angel of Death roamed the streets. This year is like that since the tenth plague was referred to as an epidemic.” Rabbi Berger referred to the word in the Bible describing the plague of the First Born as a נֶגֶף (negef: disease).” We know that some rabbis have been predicting that their moshiach is actually coming back this week and they are dead set on it. During Seder they set a spot for Eliyahu or Elijah and in some eschatological views in Judaism, Elijah is the messiah.

This brings us back to Malki and his Feast of Tabernacle Rosh Hashanah sacrifice. I’m wondering what he actually has planned for tomorrow and this week. At one point he was trying to sacrifice a lamb for Passover on Mount Zion if he got permission. I’m only asking about this man based on what he did last September and how he actually believed he is Eliyahu to come. He believes he is sent by God to restore Israel. So what will he be up to?

Or what about the Sanhedrin and their underground Sin Of Gog located underneath the Wailing Wall. What do they have in store for April 7th with their giant brazen sphere shaped Torak Ark with a flame on top? And speaking of this strange connection to this ark and the virus. Event 201 was brought to you by John Hopkins and Bill Gates. In a nutshell, it was the virtual coronavirus war games. If you look closer at the JH logo you will see a spherical globe with a flame on top. This same sphere is used in the Jerusalem synagogue that stores the Torah Ark. And both are akin to Solomon’s brazen sphere.

So whatever you do tonight and for the rest of the week, pray hard.


  1. Dominic E Oswald says:

    Thank you for the reminder. It’s easy to forget how this has all ramped up since that lamb sacrifice.

    Praying with you, brother.

    • Sarah Ibarra says:

      Not surprisingly I shared this BIN article in the Den while we were all discussing some of these “events”. Allison had mentioned the 3 spirits like frogs and simultaneously you put out the Dybukk article. Now this. I’m praying hard brother. We all are. I firmly believe they are going to sacrifice a lamb this week with those “stones” that they gathered for the altar.

      Excellent write up btw.

      Lord Jesus, come quickly. 🙏

  2. Tim Dillow says:

    I will be praying about this with you.

  3. Vicki Tucker says:

    Thank you Craig! I’ve been following very closely (as you already know LOL 😀 <3 )

  4. Amy B. says:

    Thank you for this article and praying for all the Saint’s.

    • Angela Q. says:

      We are praying and will continue to be in focused prayer this week. Very grateful to you for the insight. Good catch on the Johns Hopkins logo.