Psychedelics as the Original Quantum Computers

The Possible Origin of Psychedelic Plants


This is an expose to posit a possibility I have come to regarding whether or not ABBA Father Yahuah Alua’hym created plants to have psychedelic properties. Having come from seven years of heavy psychedelic use involving mostly chemical research batches but also psilocybin, mescaline, and smoking marijuana, I now advocate that we as Followers of The Most High are not to be using these substances, even recreationally.

In 2013 before I was Called Out of pharmakeia, during a trip on a research chemical similar to 2CE, I was taunted by an entity who was laughing at my self righteous ideal concerning the benefits of smoking weed. It mockingly asked me why I was so defendant about something when I didn’t even know it’s origin. That was the first time I considered whether or not marijuana was natural. Fast forward 5 years to now, and being brought under the Blood and Servitude of Yahushua in 2014.

Through study of the first Book of Enoch I learned of the genetic corruption via the fallen watchers on human, animal, and plant life prior to the flood. Then my previous suspicions made a lot more sense, if you consider that perhaps a part of the manipulation of plant life involved the implanting/injecting/grafting of a psychedelic program, a sort of Quantum Holographic Communications System set up outside of normal space/time observance.

Considering that these psychedelic experiences put you into direct contact with fallen entities it explains the function of these plants’ properties. Since we are not able to reach The Most High through any avenue besides Yahushua ha’Maschyach and it is not commanded or even suggested in His Word, it would not make any sense as to hold to the belief that He would create these plants.

I struggled for years with the idea of completely rejecting plants simply because I believed Yahuah had created them. Coming into the understanding of the watchers DNA tampering I finally realized that the original purpose of YAH’S plants, most likely for medicinal purposes, had been corrupted. Meaning, it is entirely possible marijuana was supposed to be used for it’s healing properties, just as cacti and mushrooms were never supposed to allow for contact with fallen hosts. Of course Shemyaza would teach man how to cut roots and use the plants for mind altering ends if the fallen were the very ones who “Installed” these programs into the fauna!

Heylel and his fallen hosts have always tried to copy what Father has done. In this instance they sought to imitate the Ru’ach ha’Quodesh, the Set Apart Spirit of Yahuah. This is the helper that Yahushua said would come down to us when he ascended back to Heaven, the very spirit that settled on the disciples on the day of Pentecost. As Servants of YAH we are able to experience a sort of Divine Download directly from His Ru’ach, seemingly out of nowhere. The forgery of this is found in the practice of psychedelics, ultimately connecting us to the programmers of the system we find ourselves tripping through.

While an undeniably poor substitute for the Actual Voice of Truth, psychedelic experiences continue to enthrall and deceive: I myself was seduced by the promises of “spirit guides” and fell into the lie that I was my own god. And so now I tell people who are taking or plan to take these substances the things I went through and the darkness I found myself in. I allow them to make their own decisions, just as I was allowed to make mine, but it has become my testimony to reveal what lies behind this seemingly innocent practice and point them to The Father.

Over the many years of using these research chemicals and now having been sober for 4 years, I have seen a progression. The effects of these substances have become more aggressive and more dangerous. Now there are drugs like Flakka that are turning people into literal zombies. Or K2 and other synthetic marijuana that are being laced with psychotropic chemicals, leading to loss of control and sometimes even death. The “research” of these, let’s call them what they are, Weapons, is reaching Completion. From my own experiences and observances with the Astral Plane and its denizens of deception and darkness, I can confidently claim to Understand the End Game for these endeavours: Possession.

The one Temple the adversary has never been able to set himself up in, is our Bodies; the Living Temple. He has sought to rectify this for millennia, unable to take us over as The Most High has Forbidden that possibility. So like the supposed myth of vampires, Heylel has needed to get creative and CONVINCE us to allow him inside. He has many tricks at his disposal like Alcohol, originally referred to as SPIRITS(!!!). Pornography, drugs, dishonesty, greed, hatred; all of these practices allow the evil one and his minions to not only latch onto us but ultimately, it grants them temporary Access to our actual bodies.

Before coming into the Truth of Possession I had only blacked out from drinking one time. In fact in all of my binges with mind altering substances that was the only time I had ever lost consciousness, only to later be told that I was very much awake and not passed out. It happened to me after a stupid attempt to go shot for shot with a co-worker drinking tequila. A co-worker twice my size mind you. I don’t recall how many shots past eight it took to send me stumbling down to the end of the driveway to lay on my back as the world spun and I started to black out. All I knew was that the next day I woke up on an unfamiliar couch at 9 in the morning, still ridiculously drunk.

What I didn’t know is what my coworkers would enlighten me on when I got to work that same afternoon. Apparently after less than an hour after disappearing I showed back up, raring for more tequila and to play more beer pong. Supposedly I seemed to be drunk but not belligerent and must have been feeling like Superman as my inhibitions vanished. I confessed to several girls that night the thoughts that had privately stayed in my head, drank half a bottle of tequila, a case of beer, and smoked an ounce of weed. All of this, while I was under the impression that I was asleep.

It took several years to realize what had happened to me that night but through my psychonautic ventures I began to grasp it. I firmly believe that on that night I gave my body over to an invading spirit. Possession is becoming more and more rampant. The Nephilim, the thrice-damned children of the fallen watcher angels, have been Cursed by Yahuah Alua’hym to never pass on from this plane, to never be satisfied in food or drink, and to never be sexually satiated. Their Spirits are working together with their parents in order to bring about Bodies so that they may once again experience the hedonistic pleasures of the Flesh. Does the Mark of the Beast make more sense Now???

The Book of Revelation states that in the end times men will desire to die and they will seek Death, but Death will flee from them. In this day and age we have the opportunity to experience Virtual Reality, a place constructed much like the Realm of psychedelic experiences. That Realm I would say is known by many as the Astral Plane. Contrary to VERY popular belief, there is nothing Holy and Righteous on that plane. I don’t subscribe to the idea that the Astral Plane is the Dreamworld: I feel they are fundamentally different. The Astral is what I referred to as The Playground, an arena for otherworldly entities. And much like a playground, some of the “Big Kids” are extremely mean “Bullies”.

Since Babylonian times the use of psychedelics has been a staple ritual in secret societies. Many organizations would take part in the combined experience of psychedelic episodes and ritual sodomy. They believed that it was paramount to utilize the power of the awakened Pineal Gland, the so-called Seat of the Soul. They would do this through heavy sessions of Psychedelics like Amanita Muscaria. Unknown to most however is that these experiences only BEGIN the slow process of “Opening the Third Eye”. According to insider confessions, the overdrive process for achieving this state is through forced… well you get the idea. Apparently the shock is sent up all 33 vertebrae of the spine and into the brain, “unlocking and opening wide” the Pineal Gland, in order to realize our ability to become “gods”. Yeah, it’s f-ing disgusting.

Putting all of this together, what are we left with. First, that because of their ability to put us into contact with malevolent spirits, the possibility and probability that any plant created by The Most High was never intended to provide a psychedelic experience. That this original intent was corrupted by the tampering of plant DNA by the fallen watchers. The same fallen watchers who originally taught mankind the cutting and gathering of certain herbs. Secret societies and shamans continue to this day to use these plants for meetings with spirit guides and ancestral beings, who are simply Nephilim spirits in disguise. The connections between quantum computers utilizing dimensional rifts in order to conduct complex calculations, and the similarities they share with the Astral Plane. How the fallen and their children are actively looking for a way to physically inhabit the world in which they reside. How through our invitation we grant them access to our Temples, believing them to be helpful through experiences like psychedelic encounters. How eventually everyone not Sealed by The Most High will become an open Host for these demonic spirits, and become a slave trapped within their own mind and body: a Ghost in the Shell.

It is a part of my mission to bring this knowledge to the world, and I have been personally tailored for such a task. When before I sought the assistance of interdimensionals now I rely and lean on Yahuah Alua’hym, The Most High and Living God. I would ask that anyone struggling to Understand what has been revealed here or even to Know Our Father personally, that you would take it to the Ru’ach ha’Quodesh in prayer. For The Word Promises that if we seek after Him with all our hearts, mind, and soul that He Will Reveal Himself to us. May Yahuah baruk you and keep you and make His countenance to shine upon and grant you His Shalom.

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